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EXPERtise in Lighting

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The company

Since 2012 EXPER Soluções offers specialized services in the area of lighting and energy efficiency, aiming to raise the technical level of the market.


It carries out refresher courses with renowned lighting professionals, provides specialized consultancy in the areas of product development, testing and certification, providing assistance in laboratory tests and research and development.


Specialized in public and urban lighting, EXPER conducts projects and consultancies for national and international companies and institutions.



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EXPER seeks to serve the lighting and energy efficiency market with highly trained and specialized professionals, guaranteeing satisfaction, exemption and confidentiality in the work performed.

Our Purpose

In addition to promoting technical training activities, projects, developments, evaluations, technical consulting and measurements and verifications, EXPER Soluções seeks to promote social and environmental actions within the community in which it operates.

Since 2018, it has promoted, through Projeto Conect-se, actions aimed at bringing balance between the professional and personal lives of its employees, partners and the community in general, through thematic meetings with professionals from different areas of knowledge.

In 2021, it emphasized its environmental mission by becoming a partner of Reciclus, responsible for the reverse logistics policy for fluorescent lamps.


EXPER has the purpose of illuminating, contributing not only technically but also socially and environmentally.

Social Actions


Projeto Conect-se is an initiative by EXPER for a more balanced and purposeful life, aiming to bring knowledge and services to improve people's daily lives.

It promotes open Lives and face-to-face meetings with online transmission of topics that aim to improve daily life in several areas. It brings to each meeting a theme that aims to awaken self-knowledge in the Personal, Professional, Relationship and Quality of Life spheres. It organizes Workshops with specialists from different segments, always seeking to bring practice beyond theory.

In addition, the Conect-se Project allocates part of all revenue collected to ONGs and assistance projects.

Environmental Actions


EXPER became a partner of  one of the largest national sustainability projects. Reciclus is the manager of Reverse Logistics for Lamps in Brazil.

The association is responsible for operationalizing the Reverse Logistics of lamps that contain mercury in their composition and makes Delivery Points available at commercial establishments throughout Brazil, so that individuals can discard their used lamps for later safe collection, transport and correct destination in recyclers. homologated.

The newest light bulb collection point is located at EXPER Headquarters, located at Open Mall The Square, Rodovia Raposo Tavares, Km 22 - Granja Viana, Cotia-SP.



Eng. Luciano Rosito
Coordination Cobei / ABNT

Prof. Dr. Marcelo de Andrade Romero
Professor FAU-USP


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