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EXPERTISE in Lighting

Lighting measuring equipment

Lighting measurement equipment

EVERFINE Corporation is a professional supplier of photoelectric (optical, electrical, opto-electronic) measuring instruments and calibration service, and a leader in the field of LED and lighting measuring instruments. It is located in Binjiang National Hi-Tech Zone, Hangzhou, China, called Heaven Silicon Valley. EVERFINE is a national certified high-tech enterprise, supporting member of CIE. In 2013 and 2014, EVERFINE was judged by Forbes as the most potential listed companies in China. 

Discover the equipment:

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SPIC-300 20200410162809.png

SPIC-300 BW Spectral Irradiance Colorimeter

The SPIC-300 Spectral Irradiance Colorimeter integrates spectrum, illuminance, colorimetric and photometric measurement functions etc. on an instrument. With international patented technologies, it has no V(λ) mismatch error and can realize wide dynamic range with excellent linearity, which inherits the advantages of illuminance meter and spectroradiometer.

LGM-200B Lighting Glare Measurement System

Integrated measurement functions TI, UGR, GR;

Wide range of luminance measurement and high resolution;

Distortion-free gloss measurement and high measurement accuracy;

The system aims to measure and evaluate the brightness of indoor and outdoor lighting to meet the requirements of CIE 115, GB/T 5700, GB 50034-2013, JGJ/T163-2008, JGJ/T153-2007, CJJ45-2015 and other standards.

SFIM-400 Spectral Flickering Irradiance Meter

The SFIM-400 Spectral Scintillation Irradiance Meter integrates scintillation, spectrum, illumination, colorimetric ect. measurement functions together. With high frequent sampling rate of 50K Hz and international patented technologies. 

The detector of SFIM-400 can be disconnected from the main board by bluetooth, which is flexible to measure on site according to the actual application. Meanwhile, 5 inch touch screen, built-in SD memory card and powerful intelligent operation system are equipped, which are more humanized for application, measurement data can be shown in real time. Dedicated to light source, fast lighting luminosity curve, flicker, fluctuation index (Flicker), flicker percentage, etc.

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