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What professionals need to know to sell more in times of crisis
Curso de iluminação led

The course is aimed at the lighting sector and specifically at electrical equipment companies and distributors, stores, manufacturers and importers who have a wide portfolio of products, and are looking for new ways to face the crisis of low sales. It is aimed at managers, external vendors and professionals who seek to update their knowledge, as well as improve their professional performance. The participants, during the course, will find a networking environment, which will favor the sharing of experiences.

Evaluate the current Brazilian lighting market, identify the main competitors and learn about modern sales techniques, in addition to identifying the factors that affect your personal, financial and operational results, as well as planning strategies sales using marketing management resources to meet business objectives.


Professionals linked to the lighting area: Managers, external salespeople and professionals from different areas related to sales and interested in investing in their continued education.



• The lamp market and the main competitors;

• Sales Techniques ;

• Approach and relevance of creating empathy with the customer;

• Demonstration and knowledge of your own product (portfolio suitability);

• Advances in LED technology;

• Closing the sale and paying attention to positive signs.

 Overcoming objections;

 After-sales and maintenance of customer satisfaction;

• Strategic planning and actions to overcome the crisis;

 Organizational differential: agenda and itineraries;

 Establishing tangible sales targets;

 Follow-up of results and controls.




It is desirable for the participant to have basic knowledge of sales or to act as a professional in contacts with external customers in lighting stores, companies and distributors of electrical equipment, manufacturers and importers of light bulbs and that has focus and need to increase its sales.

Juliana Iwashita Kawasaki


Entrepreneur, postgraduate in Advertising and Marketing and academic specialist in lighting, he has been working in the lighting market for over 20 years. He was CEO of Avant Lighting where he worked for 13 years and Senior Product Manager at Philips Lighting do Brasil, having also served as Senior Manager at Nestlé Brazil for almost a decade. As a Program Advisor at SENAC, he created and taught courses for entrepreneurs and professionals in sales, marketing, management and business administration. Directly participated in the introduction in the Brazilian market of the first compact fluorescent lamps and products with LED technology. He works as a speaker and consultant in new product development, company restructuring and in motivational business programs in sales and management.


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14  •  AGOSTO  •  2018_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ |   9 am to 6 pm

8 am



The Square. Rod. Raposo Tavares, Km22 S/N, Granja Viana, Cotia SP  |  T • 11 • 4704 5972/ 9 8116 4391



Cash on bank slip or in up to 6 interest-free installments through PagSeguro.
For other forms of payment, please contact us.

• Associados  ABD, ABESCO, ABILUMI, ABILUX, ABRASIP-MG,  ASBAI, ASBEA,   _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ADP, AURESIDE, GBC BRASIL e ELETROBRÁS:_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb31058 % discount

• Guests Lume Arquitetura, O Setor Elétrico, Editora Lumiere, Revista Potência: 10% discount

Undergraduate and postgraduate students : 10% discount.

NOTE: Discounts are not cumulative.


Tiago dos Santos Gomes Meireles

Vendedor na Andra

Um treinamento muito proveitoso e dinâmico, mantendo todos sempre envolvidos com o tema e suas situações cotidianas que muitas vezes limitam o profissional em sua área de trabalho.

Paulo Parreira Galli

Elétrica PJ

O curso mescla história da iluminação com técnicas de vendas facilitando a absorção do conteúdo pelo aluno. A experiência do Prof. Gilberto promove lições práticas de como vender tecnologia LED.

Nice Mary

Conex Led

Curso dinâmico e interativo. O palestrante com domínio sobre o conteúdo, permite com exemplos práticos e participação do público maior compreensão e construção do conhecimento.


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