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 LED technology

The course presents in detail aspects of LED technology, which has revolutionizing lighting, mainly in terms of sustainability, efficiency luminosity and durability. It highlights the evolutions in the forms of chromatic evaluation and technology trends. It approaches the normative aspects and success cases through the description of installations made in Brazil.


The course presents fundamental theoretical aspects for a good understanding of the subject. The case studies are important to emphasize that the technology is really able to support real projects. During the course we also have the presentation of practical material to assist in the illustration of the content.


Professionals linked to the lighting and energy field: architects, engineers, lighting designers,  product designers, interior designers and students.



  • Artificial light sources since the emergence of the electric light bulb.
  • Technological revolutions and the emergence of the semiconductor.
  • Presentation of the semiconductor diode as the basis of LED technology.
  • Electromagnetic wave spectrum and white light composition.
  • Details on obtaining white light in LEDs.
  • Details on Color Temperature and Color Rendering Index.
  • Key features and benefits of solid state technology.
  • The history of LEDs with a focus on the evolution of luminous efficiency
  • Details on the evolution of LED light quality.
  • Review of the main photometric concepts.
  • The relationship of LEDs in photopic and scotopic environments.
  • The influence on the circadian cycle in projects with LEDs.
  • Detail of a solid state light fixture and its components.
  • LEDs and control of the power distribution spectrum.
  • Example of a concept project highlighting the most diverse possibilities for using and controlling light.
  • Detailing of international standards already applied to LEDs and solid state luminaires.
  • LED Test Procedures, IESNA LM80 and TM21.
  • Luminaire Testing Procedures, IESNA LM79.
  • IESNA TM30 – color reproduction evaluation method.
  • Color temperature and chromaticity coordinates, C78-377.
  • Energy efficiency seals (DLC and energy star) and Procel seal.



Electronic engineer with a postgraduate degree in administration and marketing. He has solid experience in semiconductors, having worked in companies in the sector for over 45 years. Specifically in LEDs, he worked for more than 40 years in leading companies in the manufacture of components, both in Brazil and abroad. Coordinator of COBEI/ABNT groups in the lighting and automotive segments, and as author of technical articles for specialized magazines.


DATE: July 30, 2020
HOURS: 8 hours
HOURS: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


In cash or up to 3 interest-free installments on your credit card


Partner discounts (non-accumulative):​

  • Associados ABD, ABESCO, ABILUMI, ABILUX, ABRASIP-MG,  ASBAI, ASBEA, ADP, AURESIDE, GBC BRASIL e_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ELETROBRÁS: 10% off

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  • Guests Lume Arquitetura, The Electricity Sector, Lumiere Publisher, Potência Magazine:   10% discount

  • Participants LEDforum 2019: 20% off.

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students: 10% discount.


Keyboard and Mouse



 T • 11 • 4704 5972

 C • 11 • 99911 9952_cc78190cf56-bad











29 • July • 2020_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3 |   9 am to 6 pm

8 am

ONLINE  |  T • 11 • 3811 4 4704


Cash on bank slip or in up to 3 interest-free installments through PagSeguro.
For other forms of payment, please contact us.



Norbert Arthur

Estagiário na Celera Fibras

O curso é realmente muito bom, o professor Vicente Scopacasa tem uma ótima vivencia de mercado e proporcionou uma visão muito abrangente, desde do desenvolvimento histórico até a empolgante visão de futuro para a fascinante tecnologia LED, tudo isso em um espaço muito agradável e moderno, proporcionando ótimas oportunidades para network.

Thiago Faria

Coordenador de produtos na Omega Light

Recomendo! Curso com informações técnicas atualizadas, ambiente sensacional, palestrante com total domínio sobre o assunto.

Ana Elisa Ogata

Deptº de SGI na Itaim Iluminação

Adorei o curso sobre "Tecnologia LED", ministrado pelo Vicente Scopacasa. O curso superou as minhas expectativas em questão de conteúdo e o palestrante possui ótima didática e conhecimento no assunto.

Carlos Eduardo Nishikawa


Curso muito bom. O Vicente mostrou ser uma pessoa extremamente conhecedora e atualizada sobre o assunto abordado.


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