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Trainings EXPER 

The search for knowledge continues, and you lighting professional can't stay out!

Lighting is an area of architecture and engineering that has a universe of information and specialties. That's why we hand-selected the best teachers that we know have hands-on experience in their fields.

The courses  will be completely online. Don't miss the opportunity to register and improve yourself!  😉

LEDforum.20 and open registration for LEDforum.21  !

Three months after our last release, which announced the extension of LEDforum.20 to November, we unfortunately saw a worsening  in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic and its impacts. We do not think that in November we will have a viable and safe environment for the congress to be held in its original form, which values meetings and intense socializing so much. Therefore, after much thought, the Organization do LEDforum decided to transfer its physical edition to 2021.
In this way,
the congress, which would initially take place on August 20 and 21, 2020, was rescheduled for August 19 and 20 de 2021 , returning to the traditional month of its realization. The on-site activities of the Semana da Luz are also rescheduled: the workshop Lighting in Historic Buildings will take place on August 17th and 18th, 2021; the LED Attack workshop on August 18, 2021; and the festa Lighting Lovers, which will close the Week on August 20, 2021.
Since its release, the content of the LEDforum and the Semana da Luz has been very well received by our community, so we have spared no efforts  so that the schedule will be maintained in 2021. We are pleased to inform you that all previously announced speakers, as well as the workshop leaders, remain confirmed.

In view of this, the LEDforum organization communicates that LEDforum.20 will take place in a digital environment dia November 6, 2020.
We will not let 2020 be remembered only for difficulties. LEDforum.20 will take place on November 6th, in a digital environment, with special content and format; and in it our community will be present and protagonist. Our sponsors e this year's entries are already confirmed! Soon we will release more information.
Registration for LEDforum.21 is open and guarantees access to LEDforum.20 DIGITAL. But beware: 80% of the vacancies are already filled!



We are very grateful for the opportunity to transmit knowledge to so many professionals in the lighting market and help in the technical development of the lighting and energy efficiency sector.

Our immense thanks to all the students, teachers and partners who were with us throughout 2019.

Remember the most memorable moments of 2018

Eng. Luciano Rosito
Cobei/ABNT Coordination

Eng. Roberto Mendonça  
Chairman of the ABRAC Lighting Committee 

Eng. Leonardo Rocha
INMETRO Compliance Assessment Board 

Eng. Gustavo Iervolino and Reginaldo Martins
Coordinator of the Eldorado Institute and Project Coordinator do CPqD 

Institutional Support

media support

Discover EXPER's services

EXPER is a company that provides specialized services in the field of lighting and energy efficiency. It carries out refresher courses with renowned professionals in the area de ilumiamento e presta_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_consultancies specialized in the areas of product development and certification . Provides advice on ensaioslaboratorios e research and development.

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Testimonials from alumni

Oscar Caballero

Software Developer na Pluzled Illuminación

Además del agradable trato de todo el equipo de EXPER, he adquirido el conocimiento que esperaba e incluso más, por que la profesora Juliana Iwashita sabe transmitir el profundo conocimiento que posee, valió la pena viajar desde Paraguay para participar del curso, satisfacción total!

Roberto Mikami

Diretor na INK Arquitetura e engenharia

O curso atendeu as expectativas, fornecendo o conhecimento do tema e das ferramentas computacionais. A metodologia prática empregada possibilita o imediato uso destes conhecimentos profissionalmente. A Exper possui estrutura adequada e as turmas com poucos alunos possibilita a máxima interação com o professor e entre os próprios alunos.

Sigfrido Graziano Junior

Arquiteto Proprietário da Sig Arquitetura e Desenvolvimento Profissional

Amigos e interessados em eficiência energética, sustentabilidade e desempenho térmico e lumínico das edificações - curso muito bom! recomendo a arquitetos e engenheiros.


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